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Public art, murals and more!

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Kellie’s inspiration for her oversized botanical murals comes from her memory as a young child, being surrounded by beautiful and colorful oversized plants in the garden.  When standing next to one of her murals, one feels as being in Alice in Wonderland.  One of the motivations for creating her murals is to show the fine details of plants and flowers. Interesting features of the black-eyed Susan include furry stems, bold yellow flower petals, shiny black centers and more.  Kellie’s hope with her murals is to also educate and promote the idea of using native plants in our landscape. Native plants are important to the preservation of our local ecology and our native wildlife depends greatly on native plants for their food, habitat and more. Native plants are also important for reducing water runoff, as well as creating beauty in our landscape.  More infomation on native plants can be found here.  


Below are photos from various murals she has installed in central New York, Washington DC and other cities along the east coast. Her most recent work was featured at the United States Botanic Garden, where her sunflower mural was featured in their 2018 exhibit called Wall Flowers: Botanical Murals.

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